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The history of the group date back to 1952, when Mr. Soedarpo Sastrosatomo founded NV PD Soedarpo Corporation, an importer and distribution company for commodities such as steel for construction, paper, and office equipment, and later electronics.

Within the period of time, an international shipping agency was also founded which became origin of the later Samudera Indonesia. Almost a decade later, Mr. Soedarpo had established several other companies, among others bank, insurance company, and engineering company.

Now, PT Ngrumat Bondo Utomo (NBU) as the investment holding company of the group of companies had nurtured the subsidiaries - across the business line of shipping and transportation, information and technology, finance, media, engineering and construction, and leisure.

For five decades, we had strived to establish, manage, and expand a solid and professional portofolio of investments - as our logo depicts - a solid triangular shape in a form of javanese ‘gunungan’.

With plans to strengthen our foothold, and to expand lines of business, we diversify prudently to several new business ventures.

In doing business, we try to improve well-being of stakeholders of our companies, and hopefully to increase welfare of our socciety.

To do business in effective way, we incorporate good corporate governance in every aspects of our business conducts.