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Soedarpo Sastrosatomo was born on 30 June 1920 in Pangkalan Susu, North Sumatera. Mr. Soedarpo represents the best of broadminded, well-educated, and culturally sophisticated Indonesian. He served during the revolution as an assistant to many leading figures in the revolution, as a political courier and as a young diplomat in the United States. He fought against the Dutch out of conviction that freedom is a basic right. Thus, he had no trouble working with Ducth partners after the revolution - after all he shared their way of life and he has a wide circle of Dutch friends.

In the aftermath of Indonesian revolution, Mr. Soedarpo did not fit into bureaucratic straight jacket. He resigned from Foreign Service and went to business. As the nation fought the challenges of national disintegration in the Fifties, political partisans crept into all aspects of life, from business to personal relationships - as well as Mr.Soedarpo's as he parted ways with old friends. The end of communist threat and rise of the New Order brought different challenges as the State and power holders became a threat to Mr. Soedarpo as a ship operator.

In the waning of Mr. Soedarpo's working years he did not escape dissapointment and sadness when a partnership broke up - from trust and clash of views about people and society.

All challenges has been survived, and his induction into the Maritime Asia Hall of Fame was proof of high regard that his peers accorded to him.