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The Establishment of NVPD Soedarpo Corporation
A Distribution company for newsprint, office equipment, and hardware
It expanded to became agent for computers (Univac and Remington computers), radio transmitter and receiver (RCA), data center processing, and latter also distributor of pharmaceutical products of a German-based company and several other pharmaceutical companies
1953 Took over 75% of share of ISTA (Internationale Sheepvaart en Transport Agenturen N.V. – International Shipping and Transport Agencies Ltd.) – as an agent Isthmian Lines, later also an agent for several foreign shipping lines (including Hapag and Tokyo Senpaku)
1955 Establishment of PT Asuransi Bintang and PT Bank Niaga
1958 Establishment of Panurjwan, interisland shipping company
1964 The establishment of PT Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia on November 3, 1964
1971 Establishment of PT Pali Hota Dayaka, a joint venture company with Japanese partner mainly transporting logs and plywood
1975 Establishment of PT Cumawis, an oil and gas shipping and logistics support company
1975-1980 Diversification of cargo business, establishment of Samudera Perdana-trucking arm, Masaji Prayasa Cargo-project transport
1989 PT Asuransi Bintang made public offering
1990 PT NVPD Soedarpo Corporation made Initial Public Offering
1993 Establisment of Samudera Shipping Line, Ltd. in Singapore
1997 Samudera Shipping Line, Ltd. made public offering in Singapore Stock Exchange
1999 PT Samudera Indonesia was listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange